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Video Manifesto is hosting its first annual charity fund-raising party, Brazilian Heat : Manifest Yourself, at Guanabara, London’s largest Brazilian party venue. This cultural extravaganza will raise crucial funds needed to kick-start Video Manifesto’s youth education project in the Complexo de Alemo slum of Rio de Janeiro. The party line up includes music from Choro Bandido, Barking Bateria and DJ Larissa, a Capoeira presentation by the Abada Group and a live freestyle graffiti competition. There will also be a charity raffle where incredible prizes can be won.

Come and make a difference. Manifest yourself.
In the Rio de Janeiro slums, a lack of education plus the failure of the state has allowed drug gangs to take over. These gangs now control many of the slums and there are regular, violent confrontations with the police. It is an undercover civil war. Video Manifesto is a UK registered charity that aims to give the disadvantaged youth of the slums of Rio de Janeiro a better future through the power of education and training. We will provide free audiovisual training programs in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, to youngsters aged between 14-25. Our media training courses will give the young people in these communities an opportunity to express themselves while gaining the skills and qualifications necessary to obtain a future career. Video Manifesto believes that the art of filmmaking will provide these youths with an outlet in which to express themselves - a chance to manifest themselves. We want to encourage young people, affected by poverty and injustice, to tell their stories, to speak up for their communities and to force social change. Video Manifesto works in partnership with the well-established Brazil based charity, Central Unica das Favelas (CUFA).

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