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Brazilian Girls

from nowontour.com:

Brazilian Girls are more organic than Stereolab, less absurd than Stereo Total, but definitely in the same category of danceable Franco-Pop. One thing that sets Brazilian Girls apart from the others in the Franco-Pop scene is their use of varied instruments and mixed genres. A few of the songs such as "Sirenes de la Fete" and "Don't Stop" sound very much electro-house influenced, while other songs such as "Corner Store" and "Pussy" are textbook 70's ska/reggae. They are the only band that I know of that can pull off ska without it sounding pretentious or commercialized. The only weak spot is the electro-house songs that sound a little blase and overdone. Brazilian Girls' debut is completely listenable and enjoyable. I have yet to take it out of my CD player.


Added by kissatlanta on October 3, 2005

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