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Branding Simplified: How to create an effective brand (that's not
just pretty) without losing your shirt... or your sanity



* What is a brand?
* What does brand mean to the success of your business?
* If you have a brand, is it working well for you?
* If you don't have a brand, how can you develop one without
spending a lot of money?

Despite all the information about branding, the principles and
practices are often misunderstood. It's even more difficult to sort
out what's most important to your small business. If you're like most
small business owners, you may think you don't have the time or money to do it well..

Here's news: Branding your business doesn't need to be difficult,
expensive or time-consuming. Even the smallest of businesses can
create a solid brand and effective marketing materials that connect
with clients and help increase the bottom line ˜ without expending a
lot of scarce resources.

Erin Ferree has broken the sometimes mystifying branding process into
5 easy steps. In this active and interactive session, Erin will take
you through her Brand Design Checklist and help you figure out how to
apply the principles and actions to your own business. The steps are:

1. Define Your Unique Position to the World
2. Design Your Logo and Brand Identity
3. Develop Your Website and Marketing Communications Collateral
4. Distinguish Your Offerings from the Crowd
5. Direct the Use of Your New Brand So That it Can Reach Its Fullest

When the session ends, you'll know where your business is in the
branding process, which key steps you may have skipped and which ones you need to re-visit more thoroughly in order to make your brand

The speaker is Erin Ferree, a brand identity and marketing design
strategist who creates big visibility for small businesses. Through
her customized marketing and brand identity packages, Erin helps her
clients discover their brand differentiators, then designs logos,
business cards, and other collateral materials and websites to
reflect that differentiation, as well as to increase credibility and
memorability. Hundreds of small business owners and corporate
entities across the US and Canada have relied on Erin to create
content and visuals that support their brands. Visit her web site at

Price includes appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks. The hotel
offers complimentary wine in the lobby. Pick up a glass on your way
to the meeting room (2nd floor), or you can purchase a glass at
Perry's on the ground floor.
Advance through Kintera link: Members $25 Non-members $35
Advanced Online Pricing closes (date): Monday, 3/26/2007 at noon
At the-door: Members $30 Non-members $40
Walk-ins accommodated based on space availability.

Official Website: http://www.womeninconsulting.org

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