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Rent an Expert is an event where people who want to help others do or learn something offer their services to the members of the community for a very small fee. All the money collected will be donated to a charity that is chosen by all participants. Some examples of what might be offered include: how to setup a blog, how to get the most from shortcuts in Photoshop, configure a Drupal community, redesign a Web site, customize a WordPress theme, create a survey, optimize AdSense ads, figure out tagging, how to shoot better photographs or just about anything really - even non-technical things like how to write a press release. Ideally this will happen in one on one exchanges, but it could be a project with a couple of people involved that needs the expertise or perhaps a team of people who are offering their expertise. The event is co-sponsored by BrainJams and MindJet. We are still seeking a location and other sponsors, but the event will be held on Thursday June 15th from 530PM till 900PM in San Francisco.

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Added by kikichris on May 18, 2006



We need to secure a location - one where there is rom for 20-30 people to gather and has WiFi. We also have a couple bottles of Stormhoek we would like to bring so it would be nice if the venue allowed alcohol. Any ideas?


Unfortunately, the SF location is still eluding us. We do have an offer from Seth @ Interplast to use their office space in Mountain View (thanks Seth!), so we need to know (ASAP) if folks can head down the pennisula Thursday night. If not, we will be postponing this event until we can secure the right space.

Chris has written a post about this topic and we would like to tabulate votes of SF -vs- MV on the BrainJams website, so please put your comments there.

Thank you.


I can host in downtown Oakland, 12 minutes from downtown SF by BART, as a backup. I can't make it if it's down on the peninsula, and I think it also breaks the (potential) link with the WalkMesh as well.


i can't do the Valley Thur night.


Raines, thank you for the offer and I will keep your space in mind for the next event.

We have decided to postpone the Rent An Expert event until July - possibly the 18th or 19th.

We will keep everyone posted on the new date and the location. Thanks to you all for your feedback.


Thanks Raines (need to get you your trunk too) but we are going to reschedule for 7/19 in the city. The new Upcoming listing is here.

I am hopeful we will be able to hold it at CNet and we will begin working on that today...


Here's a link to the new event (woulda sworn upcoming auto-linked URL's in text the way you did it)