5515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036

Brad Mehldau, at The El Rey?! This classically trained jazz pianist has made a bit of a name for himself playing amazing renditions of Radiohead songs, as well as covering Nick Drake, The Beatles, and Rogers & Hammerstein. But he's an accomplished songwriter in his own right, his backing musicians are awesome, and he can play the shit out those 88 keys, often sounding like he has two brains and three hands. The man is a monster; give him some love.


Added by aboxofjosh on October 26, 2005



Note this is a rare El Rey show with SEATS... but it is still general admission. Best seats go to those who get there early.


Alls y'all mothafuckas be missin OUT! This shit's so hot it cooks tha STOVE!