Ave A & E 6th St
New York City, New York

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Thurs. Sept.1-
7:00 - Erick Johnson
7:30 - Dave O?eal
8:00 - Jenn Lindsay
9:00 - Joe Driscoll
10:00 -Rebecca Smith

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How's it going ?
If your answer is "err... alright I guess," then you probably didn't have $10,000 of musical gear stolen from you last week.
My dear friends Lowry and the Bowmans were robbed of some irreplaceable amps and instruments last week. Music is their life and their gear is the means by which they live it.

YOU: "My God! What kind of heartless bast@rd would do such a thing?!? What can I do to help???"

DLKM: "You can come down to Sidewalk this Thursday at 11:00PM Sharp and throw as much money as your heart demands into the tip jar. Checks, gold coins, bullion, and Euros are all acceptable."

::::The Lowry-Bowmans Benefit Show::::

This Thursday September 1st
The Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A at 6th Street
11:00PM (SHARP Like a Dick Tracy)

Come on out and show your love.

Peace, Love, and Insomnia,



Here's what to keep a look out for:

Fender Rhodes Mark V (This is rare, so if you know someone who just got one, it's the one!)

Fender DeVille Guitar Amp. in roll case?,? ?,? (Look for traces of LOWRY in block letters spraypainted on the side. It will likely be painted over)

Fender DeLux Guitar Amp. in roll case (Same as above)

Effects rack with: Alesis Compressor, Lexicon Effects, Proteus 2000 & Alesis Reverb.

Kurzweil Sp88X Stage Piano (in a nylon case that reeks of cat pee. that's the one!)

Please help spread the word!! Let me know any info. you have on this stuff. We are asking NO QUESTIONS about how you got the stuff, and we're offering a REWARD.
Thanks so much!

Claire B - 410-404-3986
[email protected]

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