1554 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario


Friday October 27th, 6:30pm

~ free admission ~

Join Bahar, Desmond, Amarjeet and Arthur at the oldest bowlerama in Toronto. After five months of campaigning, it's time for a night of fun-raising and fund-raising!

Back in the spring, these four candidates emerged as the winners of the City Idol competition. With only a few weeks left in this
election, let's celebrate the incredible momentum of their campaigns and prepare for the sprint to the finish line.

Grab some food, have a drink at the bar, knock down some pins and help support these fantastic first-time candidates who are trying to prove that City Hall is open to everyone, not just career Councillors and political insiders.

We hope you can join us at Danforth Bowl!

Bahar Aminvaziri * Ward 26 * http://bahar.to
Desmond Cole * Ward 20 * http://www.desmondcole.to
Amarjeet Chhabra * Ward 43 * http://www.amarjeet.to
Arthur Roszak * Ward 5 * http://www.roszak.ca

Official Website: http://www.becauseonnovember13youcanelecthimysyed.tyo.ca/bowling.htm

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