201 Brookline Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Pre-movie, grab a beer at Boston Beerworks -- 6 to 7:30...

61 Brookline Ave


Added by fastag on July 23, 2007



Doug and I have a softball game tonight, so we'll (well, at least I, as I can't speak for him) try to come by afterward...


I will get to pre-movie between 6 & 6:30 at best. Sit down, order some food & drink and whoever makes it can trickle in.


Planning to be there, and bringing wife Barb. Should be fun.


Todd will not be speaking for me-- I will be a'Tweeting tonight. Coordinating with the LW (Pam), but I should be good for a pre-flicker frothy.


Also--We have 2 passes-- doesn't each admit 2 people? May be able to sneak someone in.


Well I doubt softball will be over by the time ppl head to the movie, so I'll pass on tonight... Unless there are Beer Works stragglers not going to the movies...