One Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

This month’s meeting will be at usual place, the Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway St, Kendall Sq on Tuesday, March 11th, (you can get in as early as 6:30 PM; socializing and pizza starts at 7:00 PM).

It will be held on the 5th floor (not the 14th). Sign in and go to 5. Then follow the signs.


This meeting is sponsored by The Morph Application Platform For Ruby on Rails see below for more info.

Student Presentations from John Norman’s Harvard Extension Ruby on Rails course:

  • Darryl Lundy – , A chess-style ratings system for players of the board game ‘Advanced Squad Leader’; feel
    free to register yourself so you can have a look around.

  • Andrew Drane and Jesse Colman-McGill – Cook’s Compass – “Find your way
    in the world of food, locally available ingredients, food markets and
    recipes”: This is a port from ASP to RoR. The original ASP is at and the new site is at

  • Tracey Zellman – Online Personal Medical Information. A service to let
    individuals conveniently and securely make available the important
    medical information for themselves and their families.

  • Louise Rains – The fabric exchange place for quilters.

  • Steve Morss – webXconnect – an Internet web site for interconnecting electronic devices.

  • John Norman will report on teaching a semester-long Ruby and Ruby on Rails course.

The Morph Application Platform For Ruby on Rails .
Morph Labs has developed the next generation elastic Ruby on Rails deployment, delivery and management system. Automated deployment, version management, 7/24 monitoring, load balancing, routing, database instances, continuous backups, elastic sizing and high availability are just a few of the features of the managed service application platform. Using GRID computing resources from Amazon EC2 and S3 this new generation Web 2.0 system helps developers to quickly bring applications to life and take away the complexities of configuring hardware and software. Developers can now focus their time on innovation instead of administration. Take the Morph Application for a spin at

Morph Free Signup. This is a closed beta but members can get access by contacting Manuel Espino at [email protected].

Many Thanks to:

  • Morph Labs for sponsoring the meeting. Buying the pizza and drinks

  • EngineYard for providing a host for group projects.

  • Brian Delacey for producing the videos

  • John G. Norman finding the speakers and presenting.

  • Cambridge Innovation Center for providing the room.

Official Website:

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