One Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

This month’s meeting will be at usual place, the Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway St, Kendall Sq on Tuesday, Feb 12th, (you can get in as early as 6:30 PM; socializing and pizza starts at 7:00 PM).

It will be held in a NEW MEETING ROOM on the 5th floor (not the 14th). Sign in and go to 5. Then follow the signs.


* Jeremy Durham will presenting about Rubinius and JRuby. Rubinius is a project to create a new Ruby interpreter written mostly in Ruby. JRuby is a complete implementation of Ruby in Java.
* Open to other topics, lightning talks, ...

Many Thanks to:

* My Happy Planet for sponsoring the meeting. Buying the pizza and drinks
* EngineYard for providing a slice for group projects.
* Jeremy for presenting.
* Eric Richmond and Brian Delacey for producing the videos
* John G. Norman for finding the venue.
* Cambridge Innovation Center for providing the room.

Official Website:

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