96 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Join us at Tommy Doyle's in CAMBRIDGE for an informal, 2nd day of Channukkah, three days before Christmas, Nog-Up/Tweet-Up.

Just a last gasp to say hi before the new year.

Rules are: there are no rules. But if there were, they would be:

Only requirement of this Nog-up/Tweet-up is that you clink glasses at least once during the evening.

**We may still have a SWANKEE SWAP - but it's totally low-key. Regifting is encouraged. Keep gifts to $10 or so. Removed this from the title because of these troubling times of economic unrest.**

RSVP or don't.

That's it.

Added by jeffcutler on December 19, 2008



No chance. Too many Boston events this month - must put $$ to actual presents for family now. Have fun though, I'll miss you all!


Buried the Swankee Swap part of it - going to be a regift extravaganza. And mostly a friendly community toast to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Ari Herzog

No chance with the snow.

Cappy Popp

perhaps - we'll see with the ridiculous 16" of snow outside if I can get out of here; the Audi is going in the shop so no AWD. =(


Ari, it's already raining south of the city. Roads are down to bare pavement, public transportation is running. You'll be missed and likely mocked if you don't show. Hope to see you tomorrow, 6PM sharp! :-)


Sorry, too much to do before holidays. Post New Years would be great. Or ON New Years Eve (the wife and I have no plans).