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Boston Bookfuturists: Introducing experiments in storytelling and publishing — exploring the intersection of books and technology.

The first ever Bookfuturists Meetup is this month at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center near the MIT campus in Kendall Square. Come listen to presentations on experiments in storytelling and publishing. The event is free. Please RSVP:

Host: Joanne McNeil, The Tomorrow Museum


Joshua Glenn, a Boston-based journalist and scholar, is coeditor of and co-curator of Significant Objects, an online experiment that pairs writers with secondhand junk, then sells the junk on eBay (using the story as an item description), in an effort to answer this question: “What makes things meaningful?”

Peggy Nelson is a new media artist whose work encompasses film, augmented reality, performance art, and reenactments. In Search of Adele H is a Twitter movie, a re-imaging of the life and fictionalizations of Victor Hugo’s daughter Adèle. But as with a book, the moving images are intentionally missing. The Twitter movie happens in your head, much as the main character’s life happened in hers.

Stona Fitch writes powerful novels that have earned an international following. His novel SENSELESS is now a UK feature film and a cult classic that critics often refer to as the most disturbing novel ever written. St. Martin’s is publishing his next novel, Give + Take, in April. He has been selected as one of the Boston Public Library’s 2010 “Literary Lights.” In 2008, Stona and other writers/thinkers founded the Concord Free Press, the world’s first generosity-based publisher, which publishes original novels and gives them away in exchange for voluntary donations to worthy causes or people in need.

Matthew Battles has written about technology, language, and culture for such publications as the American Scholar, the Atlantic, and the Boston Globe. He’s cofounder of the blog and author of the book Library, an Unquiet History.

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