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HUMANWINE ("Vaudeville Anarcho-Punk") :: Mouth Sewn Shut (ex Toxic Narcotic, The Profits, "Apocalyptic Hardcore Reggae Ska Crust Punk") :: The Cliches" (Punk / Ska) :: "Suburban Showdown" (Hardcore Politico-punk from NH) "Diabolic Edict" (Veggie Death Grind!) /// The SHAC 7The SHAC 7 are animal rights activists indicted under the controversial Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The Act punishes anyone who "physically disrupts" an animal enterprise. The charges stem from these activists' alleged participation in an international campaign to close the notorious product testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences.Boston Animal Defense League The Animal Defense League is loosely knit collective of activists and supporters striving for a more just world for animals, humans, and the earth we share as home. Our chapters in Boston, Long Island, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Cincinnati Ohio have consolidated their efforts, along with the efforts of dozens of other grassroots animal liberation organizations to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS); the world second largest animal testing Contract Research Laboratory (CRL). With five undercover investigations depicting cruel conditions, direct abuse of their animals, criminal activities, and fraudulent science, HLS has become the target of the largest grassroots animal liberation initiative in the world!

Official Website: http://humanwine.org/anize/SHOWZ/

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