8 Southwark Street
London, England SE1 1TL

We will wander around Borough Market to shop, observe and take photographs. This is a busy market with a lovely selection of shop and from recent visits, they are friendly too. Afterwards, we will go to Southwark Cathedral, prepare your £2 first for the photography permit! We will go there after the service and hopefully there is no wedding on that day.

Official Website: http://www.photosocialise.com/?p=178

Added by mgadgets on August 26, 2009



This day (26th) also happens to be the date of the 2009 Great Gorilla Fun Run, so as per last year, I will aim to go to that first and then meet up with the "Borough Market Group" afterwards ..... so long as it isn't raining.
Anyone want to join me in photographing the gorillas first ?

Edit : it should be Dry, dry dry !!!
The Gorillas "banana-off" is at 10:30am this year, north-west of Tower Bridge so it'll be the market first and then time to go ape (before returning for the Cathedral shoot, fingers crossed)


Will definitely try to make this one. It's 50/50 as I may have to work that particular Sunday.