1409 South Lamar
Dallas, Texas 75215

Former Dallas artist and current Marfa resident, Campbell Bosworth will show over 40 pieces from his current work in painting and sculpture on Saturday, May 3 6-8:30 p.m. at the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Southside at Lamar, 1409 S. Lamar. The reception and exhibition are free. The exhibition continues through May 31. To view the exhibition beyond reception hours, call 214-426-1575 or visit http://southsideliving.info/art_of_urban_living/gallery_history.htm.

BORDERLINE GREATNESS features paintings and sculpture depicting images and objects from Marfa and the Far, West Texas border region. Specifically, Bosworth has chosen to focus on the narco-trafficking aspect of the border. The show features oversized sculptures of carved wooden Glock pistols, a six-foot, silver leafed AK-47 and giant tequila bottles.

Living on the border, I've learned people bring their dreams in some form or another to the USA. Every week our local paper has stories of folks being busted with drugs. But behind those stories are real people or families working just to survive, says Bosworth.

Over 100 brick-sized, carved and painted wood 10,000 dollar bundles occupy a corner of the room. It is 1,000,000 million in cash for the lucky.

Bosworth quips, I woke up every morning and told my wife I was going to the studio to make money.

The highlight of the show may be the 10-foot-high, silver-leafed replica of the Marfa Water Tower. In keeping with the theme of the show, Bosworth has painstakingly engineered it to dispense fine tequila.

Bosworth moved to Marfa in 2001 and was represented by the Cidnee Patrick/Edith Baker Gallery in Dallas and is currently represented by the Koelsch Gallery in Houston. http://www.sawdustpoet.com

Official Website: http://sawdustpoet.com

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