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The 7th Annual SF Sketchfest Presents



Mark & Ari
Siblings of Doctors

Cost: $15

Boomtime is the newest incarnation of Berlin's seminal modern dance troupe: Bodies-In-Motion. The three former San Francisco stand-up comedians Brent Weinbach, Moshe Kasher, and Alex Koll leapt into the forefront of the 1980's modern dance movement with their piece, "Defecating On The Berlin Wall." Ronald Regan later credited the performance with the toppling of the wall. Boomtime has quickly become known as the most famous of the all male, anti-communist, defecation-based, West-Berlin, avant-garde modern dance troupes and has been invited to perform at such prestigious dance festivals as Moderndancedefecationfest and Telly Savalas' Dancey Time.

About The Groups

BriTANicK (pronounced bry-TAN-ick) is a New York-based sketch comedy group consisting of writer/performers Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. Brian and Nick grew up together in Atlanta, Georgia where they spent most of their time making short ridiculous videos. They are currently seniors at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where Brian majors in Film and Nick in Drama. BriTANicK produces both videos and performances that can range anywhere from unreasonably absurd to elegantly hilarious. Brian and Nick essentially plan to spend the rest of their lives filming their ridiculous videos and happily invite you along for the ride.

Some people say Mark Sarian and Ari Voukydis (Mark & Ari) are a comedy duo based out of NYC’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where they’ve performed since 1998. Most recently, they were finalists in JibJab.com’s, The Great Sketch Experiment, where they had their winning sketch shot and directed by legendary director John Landis (Animal House, The Blues Brothers). Other people, primarily children and the insane, say that Mark & Ari are mythical aqua-beasts, half man and half shark, patrolling the ocean floor in search of crimes to fight and lives to save.

Siblings of Doctors and Stir-Friday Night! (Chicago’s premier Asian-American sketch troupe) present an evening of sketches, songs and other bits of hilarity from 3 Indian, but decidedly NON-medical minds: Rasika Mathur, Danny Pudi and Ranjit Souri. Along the way, topics such as saris and certification exams are addressed, Abbott and Costello are paid homage to, and songs are sung and dances danced. Thanks to the SF Sketchfest, our families & friends, and you for showing up.

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This event is part of SF Sketchfest, which runs January 10 - 27. Highlights of this year's fest include a rare performance by The Kids in the Hall, a "Freaks and Geeks" reunion, and RiffTrax Live (featuring Michael Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000) at the Castro Theatre. Check out the web site for a complete schedule.

Official Website: http://sfsketchfest.com

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