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The official release for Robert Stikmanz’s Nod’s Way, ancient oracle of the Dvarsh, has been announced! Austin’s literary event of the season is set for 3:00 p.m., Saturday, October 27, at BookPeople.

A companion to the The Lands of Nod series of novels, the oracle will be released as a boxed set including a wisdom book, a journal and three custom dice. The Dvarsh, their interactions with our world and Stikmanz’s own peculiar brand of ontological fantasy were first introduced to readers last February with his novel Prelude to a Change of Mind.
Reading and booksigning will, of course, figure prominently on the 27th. Stikmanz will read from relevant Stikmantic works, as well as happily sign copies of the oracle, as well as his other works.
But at this Stikmanz release the author may be a side show. Consulting seers will be on hand to demonstrate the oracle by “telling fortunes” for all comers. If you have an interest in testing fundamental issues of your life against the ancient wisdom of a fictitious people, this event will offer the tools and expertise for doing so.
Musical entertainment for the afternoon will be provided by two of Austin’s premiere experimentalists, Thomas Fang and Martin McCreadie. Mr. Fang has a venerable history as a DJ and as the noise artist behind the Static Storm System project, while McCreadie is well established as the composer/performer behind Limiter. Fang and McCreadie are also two thirds of Inversion Effect, the performance formation they share with fellow Artificial Music Machine principal, Dan Burton.

Official Website: http://www.bookpeople.com

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