172 Allen Street (between Stanton and Rivington)
New York City, New York

A live reading and signing from "Since My Last Confession," a funny, irreverent faith journey by a gay Catholic pursuing his Archbishop in the style of Michael Moore’s Roger & Me that answers the perennial question, “What’s a Nice Gay Catholic Part-time Porn Writer Doing in a Nasty Church Like This?” Scott Pomfret, a practicing Catholic in a long-term committed gay relationship with a hardcore atheist, tries to reconcile his faith with the Catholic hierarchy’s bitter attacks on gay marriage, gay adoption, gay seminarians, Capri pants, innate style, and anything else remotely homosexual. Convinced that a meeting with the Archbishop would foster homo-Catholic rapprochement and world peace, Pomfret pursues the prelate from pulpit to Chancery to state funeral -- and runs into a host of motorcycle lesbians, gay priests, flaming friars, pious prelates, would-be Opus Dei monks, a radically atheistic boyfriend, dozens of Irish women named Mary, and angry orthodox bloggers along the way. Addressing topics ranging from a firsthand account of a 1970s SWAT team raid of a gay Mass to “Ten Ways to Recognize a Gay Catholic” to Harry Potter’s Satanism, Confession is one man’s personal experience of wrestling with faith, doubt, sex, love, and priestly undergarments.

Official Website: http://www.sincemylastconfession.com

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