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There will be cake and a wine raffle (raffle ticket for bottle of Napa Stag's Leap cabernet with every book bought) in addition to giveaways of arcane and esoteric books such as How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself, Lacan for Beginners, and Better Boxing for Boys. And party games and stuff. And rambling discussions about what a book launch even means nowadays anyway.

Reviews of All Her Father's Guns:

"Witty, stylish, and smart. Entertaining as hell." -- Mark Sarvas, author of Harry, Revised

"All her Father's Guns had me laughing out loud. It's a wonder that a wit so dry can keep topping its own hilarious invention, page after page. And yet, for all the satirical surrealism of this Englishman's portrait of America, Warner's characters draw you in: they start to breathe, they make you care, and you end up feeling strangely moved. This is truly a distinctive achievement." -- Tamim Ansary, author of Destiny Disrupted: a History of the World Through Islamic Eyes and The Widow's Husband

"James Warner has revived the fine art of the farce, of using the absurd to reveal deep, disturbing truths. In this novel he takes us on a wild romp through Silicon Valley, Bezerkeley, Arizona, and Mexico, with pit stops in academia, politics, religion, love, and survivalism. The perfect blend of intelligence and humor makes All Her Father's Guns a blast to read." -- Frances Lefkowitz, author of To Have Not

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