155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Supporting Acts: Tokimonsta

BONOBO feat. Andreya Triana

BONOBO is back with the full band for an all out LIVE SHOW! What's it gonna be you ask? "Lots of live shit", says BONOBO ."Strings, horns, drums and vocals. More energy and a bigger, heavier sound." Bonobo returns to SF to celebrate his newest album, "Black Sands!" Ninjatune claims it's "one of the best, most lovingly crafted and collectible limited edition releases Ninja Tune has ever put together." The new album draws on rhythms of two-step as the lush soundscapes for which he's best known. "Eyesdown" also features a remarkable vocal from Andreya Triana and enough fuzzed-out sub-bass for a binful of dubsteppers. Classic and contemporary, melancholy and exhilarating all at once, "Eyesdown" sounds like the kind of record Massive Attack could be making if they were starting out now. Bonobo's music, on the surface, are the organic, pastoral atmospheres, the catchy melodies, the elements that caught people from his first album. You can engage with a Bonobo tune in that way if you wish, and will be well rewarded for it. But it's the deeper, slightly hidden levels that you should investigate, for they bring the greatest prize.

Added by Upcoming Robot on May 6, 2011