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It's on and it's yet ANOTHER NIGHT OF FESH HOT BRAINDANCE>>>>> with special guests CARO (Orac Records) & RED PONY (Aural Fixations)

CARO (Orac Records, Seattle)

A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Caro (Orac Records co-founder Randy Jones) grew up in an environment just connected enough for him to receive hazy transmissions from dance music’s cultural centers. The Midwest dance scene, resonating from the founding influence of the Hot Mix 5, was fiercely eclectic. Tells Randy: “A few local DJs brought techno music to Madison. Those guys would mix genres like crazy. On Nick Nice’s night at the Cardinal bar in 1991 you could hear everything from Speedy J to Inner City to Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

In 1993, Randy moved to Seattle where he honed his programming skills and eventually found interesting work combining music and computers. Meanwhile he had never stopped delving into dance music. “I was listening to a lot of electro, new wave, Detroit techno, and this crazy techno that the San Franciscans were making.” Armed with this panoply of influences, in 2000 Jones started the Orac label with partner Konstantin Gabbro, and shortly thereafter the ROBO.trash weekly, which became a focal point for a new generation of Northwest producers. At ROBO.trash, Jones honed his DJ skills playing sets as eclectic as the ones he started dancing to.

Spinning led back to producing, and the alter ego Caro. His first full-length, “The Return of Caro,” was released in 2005 following a string of critically-lauded 12"s which bring to mind old Chicago House as much as modern techno. Caro shows blend these influences with live singing and a willingness to improvise, to work with pop and soul as well as dancefloor energies. “I want to blow up the party, but also leave some words and hooks in your head. To keep it flexible enough to grab the moment and stretch it out into unique sounds for a certain place and time and group of people.”

RED PONY (Aural Fixations, Seattle)

My mission in life is to create more beauty in this world through better sound and imagery. When not playing records, you will most likely find me a.) with a camera in my hand or B.) glued to my mac - manipulating beats or bitmaps. I have been spinning records for dance floors, lounges, radio and performing with various live electronic acts for more than a decade. I produce Tech-House/Electronica and perform LIVE as RED PONY. Check out < > to hear examples of my work or to subscribe to the Red Pony podcast.

My love of music is matched only by my love of travel and adventure. I rely heavily on the kindness of strangers and the strangeness of kind people. This fall I will be returning to China for another tour... Click here for videos of my September 2007 tour in China.


Mr. Zillion- LIVE

Deep-beat mad science meets skeletal hooks and ambient sounds for a tour de force around danceland. Sometimes subtle, sometimes crushing, always clever and heavily peppered, Zillion's sets get the dancefloor spicy at the drop of a beat.

The Naturebot- LIVE

The Naturebot's sound contains both slow jams and high-octane breakcore, heavy on bliss and complex melody's no matter what song. Combined with a penchant for surprises, unique song structures, and some live flute/cowbell/mouthsynth with frenetic on-the-fly remixing of his own material, The Naturebot makes beautiful music like no one else that will leave you confused as whether to get up and dance or lay down and bliss out.

Erictronic- LIVE

Any artist that can balance extreme experimentation and electro-hook goodness at the same time is a master. Erictronic brings all of this with humor, cuts it up, glitches it out, and then sends it back into the world at large. 8-bit meets 64-bit in his world with heavy glitch and dancefloor beats under a smattering of synth styles, contantly moving and changing. How often do you see people stop dancing in order to laugh in surprise at what just happened? Come join them!

Only $5 at Re-bar this Thursday, April 3rd. See you there!
Team Bonkers!

Official Website: http://www.nwtekno.org/vb/showthread.php?threadid=125181&eventid=32556

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