158 Brighton Ave.
Allston, Massachusetts

For a band sometimes described as "outsiders" in the Brazilian funk carioca scene, Bonde do Role are making their way to the United States with a stamp of approval from one of today?s most popular DJs. The three members of Bonde do Role DJ/MC Rodrigo Gorky, MC Marina Ribatski, MC Pedro D'eyrot were discovered by M.I.A. producer and Hollertronix co-founder Diplo during one of his frequent visits to Brazil. Their unique sound is defined by their random samples and general pillaging of American pop culture, fused with the baile funk/funk carioca style of the region.

Though not from Rio proper. Diplo says that the group has a deep understanding of the genre they play. "Funk was always a Rio subculture", he explains. "The rest of Brazil thought it was shit, but there were these kids in these who cities who always got it, even before it was hip to the rest of Brazil".

Certainly, Bonde do Role fulfills the international requirement, and as far as the music goes, well, they're definitely the baile funk group to sample Alice in Chains (and make it sound good).

18+ only


Official Website: http://www.harpersferryboston.com/shows.asp

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