University Park
Nottingham, England NG7 2RD

`VOICES´ is a full evening of choreography containing two contrasting pieces for six dancers. One is Set Boundaries a collaboration with celebrated electronic composer, Matthew Herbert, visual artist Lenka Clayton and theatre designer Alan Macdonald. It explores the definition of borders between peoples and people and how the voice can be the difference between power and impotence. The other piece /aót∫ak/ is inspired by Luciano Berio´s `Naturale´ a haunting vocal composition for viola, tam-tam and taped voice.

"I chose the title `Voices´ because Matthew Herbert wanted to use voice as part of his music composition in a very ancient way and Berio´s `Naturale´, which I had already chosen, uses the voice in a completely different way. Although the two pieces will have very different identities and will be in total contrast to each other, the link will be the voice - its use, meaning and power."

also touring 'Irony of Fate' and 'Probe'.

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