361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Bomb the Music Industry! is a collective of musicians moreso than a band. The goal is to have a stress-free environment to write, record and perform music. Of course, if anyone plays a wrong note in this "collective" they will be thrown out of the "collective" and will be forced to start a "band"

Bomb the Music Industry! is not a replacement for any bands that any members are currently in, regardless of what any of us have said while drunk.

Bomb the Music Industry! will do the best to make sure that you the "listener/mindless consumer" becomes simply the "listener" or dare I say, "participant." We will record music on our own personal equipment. We will release our songs for free on the internet. If you come to a Bomb the Music Industry! show with a CD-R, we will burn a compact disc for you. All Bomb the Music Industry! artwork will be available online, but you'll have to print those things out yourself. I know. We just aren't doing enough for our audience.

Since coming to the realization that by not printing out the artwork for our releases we are screwing over or audience, Bomb the Music Industry! has agreed to also have no merchandise available for purchase. We will set up screens, sponges, spraypaint, stencils and spaint. You supply the shirt. You get your shirt made for you on the spot. Tips will probably be appreciated by whatever interns will be working the merch booth.

Bomb the Music Industry! has members in Boston, Brooklyn and Georgia! And who knows if they know that this band was not more than just a drunken idea!

Bomb the Music Industry! will always do its best to keep everything cheap or free for you so you can go to a show as a person and not a roll of crisp five dollar bills. All we ask in return is that you say "thank you".

A good way to say "thank you" would be to spread the gospel of Bomb the Music Industry! all across the globe. Play the ASOB card! Play the Ian MacKaye card! Play the mixed gender card! We don't care! We just want to force everyone else to listen to what we think is good taste.

Official Website: http://bk.knittingfactory.com/event-details/?tfly_event_id=19753

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