1415 Broad St
Victoria, British Columbia

A one-act romantic comedy by Darren Barefoot. For more information, visit the play blog.

Another Fringe Premiere from Theatre Tart! An intrepid Canuck meets the girl of his dreams in an exotic foreign land, but will the clash of cultures kill romance? Set in Dublin, Ireland, this off the wall love story chronicles the mis-adventures of a man on a mission in a country that doesn't understand him. He's bolloxed.

As this is a Fringe show, the dates and times vary for each show. Check your Fringe guide or the website to confirm show times.

Show 1: Friday, Aug 25, 7:45 PM
Show 2: Sunday, Aug 27, 6:00 PM
Show 3: Tuesday, Aug 28, 9:30 PM
Show 4: Thursday, Aug 31, 6:00 PM
Show 5: Saturday, Sept 2, 7:45 PM
Show 6: Monday, Sept 4, 4:00 PM

Official Website: http://www.thisplayisbolloxed.com

Added by dbarefoot on July 9, 2006