2 Brunswick Terrace
Hove, England BN3 1HN

A flashmob is a sudden gathering of lots of people at a previously appointed time and place. We then are going to do something crazy and funny, something no one has ever done before. We are going to blow bubbles!

This "game" is different to all the other ones. It's organised and presented by "Frolicology" who do it in celebration of spontaneous joy and uninhibited merriment. Everyone will meet at six o'clock at the meeting place cafe at the seafront in Hove and then spontaneously start blowing bubbles of all sizes and with all sorts of tools. Be sure to bring extra bubbles to share with random folks who wish to join in the fun. Imagine the look of it and the fun, you should definetely not forget your kids and camera!!! And as this is such a great idea, people in the US heard of it and at the same day there are going to be other bubble flashmobs in New York and San Francisco! What a historic event!

Get your frolic on!

Official Website: http://bogfest.org.uk

Added by abbrederisr on April 1, 2009