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This is a one-time viewing of the photographic research by Ina Saltz, an art director, designer, writer and professor whose areas of expertise are typography and magazine design. For more than two years, Saltz researched images of tattoos that reference literature, national anthems, self-love, politics and everything in between. Her work, which identifies and categorizes the inspiration for typographic tattoos through photographs, explores the omnipotence of tattoos in contemporary culture. Coinciding with the release of her book 'Body Type: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh,' Saltz's research provides the viewer with an eye-opening look into the amazingly creative ways that tattoo artists are utilizing typography. By documenting the wide popularity of tattoos, the exhibition depicts how they have crossed social boundaries from their original subculture (bikers, gangs, prisoners and the military) to one that is more affluent and educated.

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