300 W Georgia St
Vancouver, British Columbia

Who: Dana D, Jay Auto, Matty + weekly guests

What: Musically, a bit of everything, chilled at the beginning and gradually getting more uptempo as the night progresses. No boundaries or set styles, this night will be all about having a good time and dancing and socializing wih good friends. Expect to hear songs you know like the back of your hand, songs you barely remember, upfront business and remixes created especially for this night. Good solid drinkin' tunes with a funky edge . . . Vibe-wise we're looking to create a pub-club atmosphere, somewhere you can dance your ass off or hang out with your crew and set the weekend off right!

Where: Library Square, 300 W Georgia. This great-feeling room has the perfect balance of danceloor space and comfortable seating areas, a fanatstic kitchen open late, pool and fusball tables, and a large outdoor smoking patio!

When: Each and every Friday night, 10 - 3AM!

Why: Because you've been waiting for a night like this for ages

Added by squarewithin on August 19, 2006



Event #100,000!


woot! :)


Haha. Damn. Awesome. I didn't even notice.




100,000 events, entered by the Upcoming community. That makes me happy. You guys are the best.


When #99,000 rolled around, I started to brainstorm on how to get event #100,000. I thought about it for a while then forgot.