165 Queen's Gate,
London, England SW7 5HD

Join us as we explore new ways of looking at the human body, both inside and out.

Your own body could be up for scrutiny by Richard Allen and a shape analysis booth. Pop inside and get your body outline scanned and displayed, if you dare. How does your body shape match up to what you think you look like?

Release your creative potential in a special life drawing class with a techno-twist, led by artist Jeanine Breaker. Find out what lies underneath the skin of our life models as we project MRI scans of their insides onto their bodies as they pose.

MRI technology has revolutionised medical scanning and allows us to look more fully at human anatomy. Join Julie Fitzpatrick and Louise Thomas as they talk through how MRI is being used to look at fat distribution under our skin and around our organs.

And discover how infrared light is used to get under the skin of patients with Clare Elwell.

Please be aware that this event will include a nude live-art drawing class.

Part of The Big Draw

•Jeanine Breaker, artist, Nottingham Trent University
•Richard Allen, Shape Analysis
•Julie Fitzpatrick and Louise Thomas, Biological Imaging Centre, Imperial College London
•Clare Elwell, Biomedical Optics Research Unit, UCL

This event is part of The Big Draw.

It's a free event but you have to pre-book:
Call 020 7942 4040 or e-mail [email protected]

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Official Website: http://www.danacentre.org.uk/events/2008/10

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Gaetan Lee

some images of the trip we did tot he MRI machine with our models.. in getting ready for the event