1099 Euclid Ave Ne
Atlanta, Massachusetts 30307

With a big-as-the-room persona, an ability to rock the doors off the most jaded of clubs, the heart to hold a room completely still with just his guitar, and a genius for arrangement, Bobby Bare, Jr. and his band of merry makers are one of the most unique bands around. They are adept at abandoning common sense in favor of laying themselves at the feet of a rambunctious, freewheeling, and unfettered and unhinged muse.

Disarmingly charming, foolishly romantic and unapologetically thunderous when needed, The Longest Meow lays bare (sorry about that) Bobby's willingness to do anything to get the girl, even if we all know it'll somehow end badly. From dynamic atmospherics and psychedelic melancholy to pulsing T. Rex glam boogie and down and dirty southern ROCK, Bobby fearlessly wears his heart on his stained and sweaty shirtsleeve.


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folks, i've seen him several times. always a great show. no one is paying me to write this.