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BNC Technology Forum 2007: Digitization and the Future of Canadian Publishing:
March 20 and 21, 2007

Could the printed page give way to the digital screen? Will print-on-demand become a must-have technology for publishers large and small? Is it time to close the book on the book?

Some people argue that predictions like these are extreme; others argue that they're not extreme enough. Whatever your position, at least two things are certain. First, digitization has already started to transform the publishing landscape. And second, the changes have just begun.

Join BookNet Canada in Toronto on March 21, when we'll host a roster of North American industry experts and publishers who will lead a discussion about the impact of digitization on the Canadian book trade. A half-day of training and professional development on BookNet Canada services will also be provided on March 20.

BookNet Canada is bringing together a range of people and perspectives to begin examining the issues that will enable publishers, retailers, and industry partners to navigate the emerging environment and determine their position on the digital spectrum:

* Are e-books a revolution in the making, or a solution in search of a problem?
* "Not if but when..." – Market forces, demographic changes, and the rise of digital content.
* Print-on-Demand – When does it work, and who does it work for?
* What changes can we expect to traditional business models and revenue streams?
* How will these changes affect copyright, authorship, and cultural policy?
* What can we learn from other cultural industries that are in the midst of digital transformation?
* What should publishers, distributors, and retailers be doing now to get ready?

"Digital content and digital distribution is shifting the ground beneath our feet, but no one has quite yet crystallized what that means for this industry," says BookNet Canada CEO Michael Tamblyn. "This conference will provide an opportunity for all interested parties to get together, get informed, and start talking about what we want our industry to look like five years from now."

The double-track conference is designed for both decision makers and for those who will translate these decisions into action.

Please visit this space regularly for updates on the agenda and speakers. In the meantime, be sure to save the dates – March 20 and 21 – on your calendar.

Canadian publishers eligible for BPIDP funding: Contact BPDIP for information about travel grants.

Official Website: http://booknetcanadaconference.eventbrite.com

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