3601 Lyon St.
San Francisco, California 94123

We're BAAACK! and with a Vendor!

The future of the Mac OS is now! Come to the BMUGWest meeting
this month. Got questions about Mac OS X? Tell your friends and
head to San Francisco's world-famous Exploratorium on Monday,
June 30th at 6:30 pm for a great Mac event.

bmugwest : best mac user group in San Francisco

the bmugwest meeting

Monday, June 30th, 2008

6:30 pm - Q & A @ the WebbyAward-winning Exploratorium
7:30 pm - Leonard Rosenthol with Adobe demos their preeminent PDF tool, Acrobat 9, and Acrobat.com
8:30 pm - Raffle
9:00 pm(ish) - Dinner : Brandy Ho's, Asqew Grill, Jakes Steaks, ???

Our Meetings:
This is a regular bmugwest meeting at the Exploratorium in San
Francisco with host Ron Hipschman and moderator Lorca Hanns, as
well as regulars David Morgenstern and John Riley.
and maybe even our eminent east bay peeps : David Schwartz & Peter Adler

-- The best Mac Q&A in the Bay Area. --
Talk with real gurus and real users News, rumors and discussion
about what's going on in the computer industry:

Mac OS X 10.5.3 'Leopard'

.Mac [er, MobileMe] (Apple is regularly offering discounted, and sometimes
FREE software to .Mac members to make the service
attractively priced.)

Open Source and other goodies.

6:30 PM, FREE and open to the public McBean Theatre,
Getting to the meeting:
For directions/transit info see:
http://www.exploratorium.edu or http://transit.511.org

Directions to the Exploratorium are available.
Muni line #28 from BART - Daly City thru the western part of
the city *bus is accessible* (get off at Lombard/Lyon walk
north 4+ blocks to the Exploratorium)
Muni line #30x from BART - Embarcadero but stops running at
6:30pm *bus is accessible* (terminates at Beach/Broderick.
walk west 1+ blocks to the Exploratorium)
Muni line #30 from BART - Montgomery/Powell *trolley is
accessible (some)* (terminates at Beach/Broderick. walk west
1+ blocks to the Exploratorium)

For BMUGWest Info see http://bmugwest.com

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BMUGWest meetings are held at:
Exploratorium Science Museum, McBean Theater
3601 Lyon Street at Marina Blvd, San Francisco

Meetings start at 6:30pm on the last Monday of each month. Push
the button on the pillar closest to the door and say "BMUGWest"
and they'll buzz you in, we're the first door on the left.

See ya there!

Official Website: http://bmugwest.com

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