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It's the First Annual Blue Pike Farm Grille Fest and Heirloom Tomato Festival, Thursday August 28, 4-7 P.M. at Blue Pike Farm, 900 E. 72nd St. Cleveland.

Wild Bill's Competition Bar B.Q. team will be grilling a smorgasbord of treats; Roast Sweet Corn, Hamburgers featuring Rose Ridge Farm Certified Organic Beef Products ([email protected] (330.904.5365)), and other grilled veggies from Blue Pike Farm's own fields plus Peach and Apple Cobbler's and Strudel from Lucy's Sweet Surrender (216-752-0828).

And of course they'll have a selection of heirloom tomatoes for your burgers:

Azoychka This is a delightful small yellow beefsteak tomato that matures so early it will be one of the first varieties to ripen in your garden. Beautifully smooth, lemon yellow fruit weighs about 8 ozs. and is very flavorful, rich but pleasantly sweet with a delicious hint of citrus. Heirloom variety from Russia.

Precoce Marmande. The finest of the early Marmande types. 6 to 8 ounce fruits are not heavily ribbed like most Marmande types but produce exquisitely flavored and beautiful fruits.

Gregory Alti. Siberian variety that originated in the Altai Mountains on the Chinese border.

Libby's Pride; A Blue Pike Farm exclusive. Sweet, thick walled with small seeds.A hand carried seed from Italy.

Cherokee Purple 10 to 12 oz. dusky rose/purple fruit with deep brick red interiors. The tomatoes are absolutely delicious with a pleasantly sweet and rich flavor. With thin skin and soft flesh, the fruit is somewhat perishable, but they taste so good they will be eaten quickly anyhow. Heirloom from Tennessee.

... and more.

Carl J. Skalak, Jr.

((216) 373-9461

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