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BLUE OCTOBER isn't just your average, everyday rock band from Texas. The group was formed in Houston in the late '90s by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, his brother, drummer Jeremy, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye, later joined by guitarist/vocalist CB Hudson and bassist Matt Noveskey. The group's epic live shows and exploration of subjects like mental depression, drug use, love, betrayal, forgiveness and cathartic transcendence have helped them amass a strong, loyal following through five albums, three of which have been released by Universal Records. On Foiled, the band’s latest album, their brand of intensity is welded to wide screen sound that evokes an array of eclectic influences such as prog-rockers Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, U2 and Coldplay, attracting a hardcore following who not only relate, but ardently sing along with the band's songs. Foiled isn't just about despair, delusion and dementia. "X Amount of Words" is "Subterranean Homesick Blues" with a lively New Order/Depeche Mode dance beat. On the other hand, "Drill a Wire Through My Cheek" is a harrowing glimpse into Justin's Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, a devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other, connected by the titular "wire through my cheek," which Justin is willing to pull to defeat his dark side. You can hear Blue October's collective heart pumping-alternately breaking, healing and breaking again on Foiled. It’s a sound you won't soon forget.

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