305 E Lemon St
Davenport, Florida

This Halloween night, visit The Bludzwurth Casket & Urn Company, central Florida's #1 home haunted house. Located in the town of Davenport, Florida. Doctor Bludzwurth brings you a haunted walk with over 30 live haunters and scare-actors. Located about 5 minutes from Haines City Florida, and 20 minutes from Orlando Florida. Get your map over there on the left. Almost 10,000 square feet of terror! Encounter a family unlike you've ever met before.

The Bludzwurth's have had their hands in everything from running the local circus, carnival & freak shows to owning doll and toy factories. Other family businesses have included: Morgues, asylums, junkyards, slaughter houses, graveyards, toxic dumps and state prisons. You never know what new twist they have added to their long list of family run... or should I say, run down... ventures.

Official Website: http://www.bludzwurth.com/

Added by folkie on September 18, 2009