15711 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

With a big-as-the-room persona, an ability to rock the doors off the most jaded of clubs, the heart to hold a room completely still with just his guitar, and a genius for arrangement, Bobby Bare and his band of merry makers are one of the most unique bands around. They are adept at abandoning common sense in favor of laying themselves at the feet of a rambunctious, freewheeling, and unfettered and unhinged muse.

Representative Quote: "Here, drink this."

And combine that with the simple fact that the Bottle Rockets have been making some of the most incisive, hip and eclectic American music on the scene for over a decade now. Long known amongst folks with good taste (and longtime Bloodshot faves), the Bottle Rockets have spent their career raising dust and raising lighters with their spot on and literate anthems of the ordinary Joe.

BBJ tour dates, bios, and MP3's:

The Bottle Rockets tour dates, bios, and MP3's:

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