110 W.McGee St
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401

Bloggers, media, podcasters, videocasters and others interested in online media for any reason are invited to attend.

Official Website: http://blogsboro411.blogspot.com

Added by billyjones on February 24, 2007



I've had one of those "obligatory work socialization" things come up and will not be able to make this, and I hate it! Catch you another time, Billy!


I may be a little late, but should be there.


Missing this one again. Band practice. Music trumps blogs for me. Though, if you're looking for musical acts for Converge South, I know a killa funk, soul, blues band: Thacker Dairy Road.


Second floor? *cough* what about handicap and disabled? haha.


if "handicap and disabled" is a pseudonym for your lazy ass, i can arrange to have you carried.


No. I don't go to meetups anymore due to volleyball tournament days being the same days. Billy pointed out another event wasn't handicap "avail" so I figured I'd point it out. also. :p

Although, if you can have my chariot there whenever I can make it again, that'd be great! And someone to feed me my grapes. haha.