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Blogs, wikis, podcasting and other social media have exploded into the public consciousness. Already, there's debate that websites like Digg, a news filtering site less than 2 years old, is more influential than the 156-year-old New York Times. The world's largest corporations like GM, McDonalds, and Microsoft have already launched their own corporate blogging initiatives.

Yet there's danger lurking for those who ignore the impact of Social Media. Companies that haven't necessarily been actively engaged in Social Media have been blindsided by its impact -- from Dell's "exploding laptop" that was captured by a bystander and posted on the web, to Comcast's "sleeping technician" who unwittingly provided fodder for a resourceful customer's online post. This new Voice of the Customer is making waves in the traditional marketing, PR and internal corporate communications worlds.

Is this a new wave of business communication tools that allow for more spontaneous and authentic communication and collaboration? Are companies that fail to join these "naked conversations" doomed to irrelevance, or worse? And does all this mean that businesses will have to give up control of core assets like their brand?

Hear from companies like SAP, Microsoft, and others about how these new tools are already supplanting more traditional communication and knowledge management systems with their superior ability to capture and deliver tacit knowledge, consumer voice and relevant experiences. Whether for sharing knowledge within a company or for making a corporation's messages more relevant to customers, companies from McDonalds to GM to Ernst & Young are already engaging in this medium. Learn too about the dangers present for companies who fail to address issues raised by customers and even employees in the new world of Social Media.

Our esteemed panel includes Robert Scoble of PodTech, -- the co-author of “Naked Conversations,” author of the influential Scobleizer.com blog, and formerly Microsoft’s designated blogger, as well as Jeff Nolan of SAP -- the author of the popular Venture Chronicles blog, and more!

Our Moderator is Jeff Clavier of Softtech Ventures, investor and advisor to companies such as Truveo and Userplane (acquired by AOL) and one of the leading thinkers of Web 2.0.

Official Website: http://www.hbstech.org/events/event14.php

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I just gotta hear what this Scoble guy has to say.