1000 Holt Avenue
Orlando/Daytona Beach, Florida

The second edition of Orlando's UnConference.

Official Website: http://blogorlando.com/

Added by hyku on May 30, 2007



I still have some serious negotiations with my wife ahead, but I hope to be drivin' or flyin' in from Asheville NC for this -- I'm a social-web-for-nonprofits guy, and there are lots of speakers (http://urltea.com/1dys) coming who are daily reads for me and I'd love to meet in person....


This was absolutely the best event it could have been last year - I made so many great connections, and I realized that I wasn't alone in blog land. The dinners and happy hours are really great too. All worth it.

You know it's great because of the spirit of the event and the type of people it attracts. Great facilities too.

And wow look at the list of discussion leaders!

OK, end gushing.