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Doing business in a social media world

For Whom:
-Entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners
-Media and publishing houses
-Communications department, ad agency and P.R. firm representatives
-Corporate executives across functional areas

Why BlogHer Business '07:

News flash: Your business might not need a blog.

Or, a blog, podcast or wiki might be just the right tool to deliver the results you’re looking for.

It’s time to make an informed decision, not only about whether or not you need to use social media tools for your business, but about how you’re going to interact with your customers, clients, partners and employees who are already part of the social media world.

BlogHer Business '07 will strip away the hype and hyperbole and answer some questions that most businesses are still asking about social media:

-Should my company blog? How do we decide and then identify the best people to do it?

-OK…I get we're supposed to be “authentic”. What are the boundaries?

-Do I have to allow people to say anything they want to about us on our business blog?

-I hear a lot about blogger “outreach” and how it has to be done just right. Can I get some specifics please? How do I find the right bloggers? And how do I avoid offending them? Why can’t I just ask the Technorati Top 100 to blog about my product and be done with it?

-Are blogs a religion or a tool? I just want to be able to measure results in some way…is that so wrong?

Does the cost of social media ever outweigh the benefit?

Official Website: http://blogher.org/node/10425

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I will be there!