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Blogging 101 With Wordpress is an intensive and interactive 'hands-on' workshop that will cover all aspects of blogging. You will learn how to conceive setup, customize, grow, monitor, market, and monetize your blog. At the end of the workshop, you will set up your blog with the blog doctor helping you. You will also have the opportunity to schedule 2 hours of 1-on-1 help from The Blog Doctor FREE (a $100 value by itself).

Who should attend?

Independant Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Writers, etc.), Small Business Owners (Store owners, Contractors, Tax Consultants, etc.), Students, Suburban Moms, Grandparents, and pretty much everyone else! Because now more than ever, blogs are radically changing the way we find jobs, get new business, share our opinion or simply recieve advice and help from the biggest community in the world, the internet.

About The Blog Doctor

Shiva, The Blog Doctor, has been writing computer software since he was 11 years old. He has been closely following the blogging phenomena since the early days of the year 2000 and has a deep understanding of the many aspects of blogging. Shiva offers affordable blog help at http://theblogdoctor.org. He also writes at "Daily Rounds," http://theblogdoctor.org/blog/, a blog dedicated to helping bloggers succeed.

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What will you learn?

In this hands-on deep-dive class with plenty of live demonstrations, The Blog Doctor will teach you everything you need to know about Blogging using Wordpress.

Conceive: Looking inside. Finding your niche topic. Identifying your target audience. Learning from
Competitors. Avoiding common newbie mistakes.

Setup: Free vs Self-Hosted. Signing up for Hosting. Updating NameServers. Hosting Cpanel basics. Database setup. Getting the latest Wordpress software. What is FTP. Uploading the wordpress software. Running the wordpress installer. Finding Themes. Categories vs Tags. Configuring comment moderation, home page, permlinks and other settings. What are Sitemaps and analytics?

Customize: Free and Premium Themes. Reasons to not hire a Web Designer. Wordpress Widgets and Plugins. Finding themes, plugins and widgets. Must have plugins for all wordpress blogs. Updating logos, headers, footers. Adding analytics code, custom ad scripts to your theme. Testing and verifying your customizations.

Grow: The 3 “C”s of blogging. Content, Consistency, Community. Keeping your blog updated. Finding fresh material. What is RSS . Using feed readers, Yahoo pipes, Google alerts, Technorati to find blogging ideas. Keeping wordpress updated. Upgrading widgets and plugins. Backing up and restoring your blog.

Monitor: Monitoring your site visitors. Google analytics and Quantcast. Using webmastertools proactively. Using apache’s .htaccess to block spam sites and bad bots. Trackbacks and spam. Monitoring your blog’s state with major search engines (google, yahoo, bing).

Market: Various marketing avenues from best to worst. Understanding the importance of Search engines. What is SEO . Why not to hire “SEO Experts”. What are keywords, link-exchanges. Things that could get you “banned” by Search Engines. Setting up your RSS feeds. Feedburner. Using newsletters. Getting on digg.com, reddit.com. Viral marketing. Creating identities on Social sites. Using twitter, Facebook, digg.com, reddit.com. Creating Facebook Pages for business. Why to stay away from MySpace. Using google adwords an adplanner.

Monetize: Truth about making a living with blogs. Things that “ProBloggers” never share with you. Using Google adsense, clickbank.com, blogher, blogads, adbrite to monetize your blog. Using Affiliate programs. Maximizing your ROI with heatmaps, subtle affiliate links. Giving away free “teaser” content to get paid subscribers.

Wrap Up: Open session of Q & A. Setting up blogs for some of the participants. Scheduling 1-on-1 sessions with the blog doctor for further consultation and blog help.

Official Website: http://www.parisoma.com/2009/10/blogging-101-with-wordpress

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