928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Blog and Beer is in no way affiliated or associated with Beer and Blog. That event has been canceled this week. Instead we are doing Blog and Beer. The two events have nothing in common. Except for the beer. And the blogging. And it's pretty much the same people meeting at the same place & time.

This event is totally unsupervised, unlicensed & unauthorized. This joint could get crazy. Like, way out of control. There is a rumor that the BEER will be FREE! Yes, you heard right, a rumor of FREE BEER! All you want, no limits.*

What happens at Blog and Beer, stays at Blog and Beer!

*These rumors are false.

Added by tiesque on April 23, 2008



"What happens at Blog and Beer, stays at Blog and Beer!" ...except for the the blogging, it gets to live on the internets. Also the tweets, and maybe some photos.


I will be there and also will be buying at least one person a beer (and you know who you are!)

*of course I know who I am and thanks for the free beer Chris*

No problemo Chris :D


*sigh* I'll be on a joyous plane ride home from SF during this time. I was curious to meet these 20 friends of Todd & 17 friends of Nathan.

Someone have a gin & tonic with a little monkey on the rim for me. :-)