429 Castro Street
San Francisco, California 94114

So Blade Runner is playing all week (thru Thursday) at the gorgeous Castro Theatre. There's been some news lately about how the theater is going through some tough times and might shut down if they can't keep enough people flowing through the door. What better way to support such an awesome institution than to see one of the best movies of all time in San Francisco's best theater!?

If you've never been to the Castro, you need to. There's and old tymie organist that rises up in front of the screen for a couple eerie songs before the movie starts. The place is huge, with red velvet comfy seats, much ornate detail and a large balcony. If people are up for it, we could grab a bite somewhere beforehand. Suggest a place & self-organize in the comments. And if you don't live in SF, what the hell are you waiting for?

Official Website: http://castrotheatre.com

Added by eddie on February 17, 2008



This is the article on the problems local theaters are having


I saw Blad Runner at the Castro over the weekend and everyone who can should try and see it Tuesday (or at least by Thursday).