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Added by nothingistrue on October 26, 2007



anyone know what the story is on getting tickets to this?


Also, is there voice-over narration?


The Landmark Theatres website seems to only let you buy tickets one week in advance.


there shouldnt be narration if it's the director's cut -- plus should have the unicorn dream sequence...


Am I the only Blade Runner fan in the world that actually preferred the voiceover? I can't watch the director's cut without hearing Ford's drawling narration in my head.


Not the only one who prefers it, nor the only one with their own personal voiceover. I've come to accept it as sort of a greek chorus ...


Also a fan of the voice-over. Also liked the original ending... The unicorn "dream" sequence does not work.


Does anyone know when we can get tickets to this?


Just for clarification, this is not the director's cut; it's what Ridley Scott is calling the final cut:

The trailer:


Anyone know how to get tix?


You can buy tickets here:

Make sure to select the correct date and time ;)


The Embarcadero Theatre tickets page shows 7:10 pm & 10:00 pm as evening show times for 11/30. Does the 8 pm time on this event need to change?


it might just be me that made this mistake, but i see now that this is not a one-time event. the movie just opens on the 30th.


Thanks Victoriuhh - I grabbed some tix from the theater's site!


Just a heads up there's a 7:10 and a 10:00 show, but no 800 show.


but everyone here does know the importance of the unicorn dream sequence I would assume? It was removed from US release because its implications were too staggeringly depressing and (not to mention true P K Dick's orig story!) tragic.


Heads up everyone. My name is Brian, I am the manager of the Embarcadero cinema. Both 7:10 and 10:00 shows are sold out for Friday 11/30. The film will play every day at 1:00, 4:00, 7:10, and 10:00 for at least one week, until Thursday 12/6, possibly longer. There are plenty of tickets left for Saturday and Sunday at this point. You can call us at the theatre for more information: 415-352-0832. Tickets can be purchased at in advance. Thanks!


Thanks for posting Brian.

There wil be a DVD box set coming out on Dec 18th though obviosly everyone should see it at the Embarcadero or Grand Lake.

And then see it again when it is at the Castro Feb 15-21, 2008