1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Slammin’ hip hop beats, b-boys, breakerz, hot babes, FREE-FLOW ALLNITE OPENBAR, and the new 200,000 rmb Beach Honey 2008 Contest are what its all about on Saturday nights at Bonbon. The hottest babes in the city battle it out for cash and prizes all night long! Voted Shanghai’s “Best Club” 2 years in a row by People’s Choice awards, the party starts off early and goes right through til 4:00 the next morning. Join MCs PQ and Shout Dogg and our international guest resident DJ Mateo (US) in this 2-room madhouse with Hip Hop in the main room and electro in the back.

请密切关注今年夏天将在热带风暴拉开的2008第三届沙滩宝贝盛大评选。全城最火辣的美女纷纷云集BonBon争夺沙滩宝贝冠军头衔和高达20万元的现金大奖+轿车一辆!如果你的身边有美女,请你也推荐!本次沙滩宝贝大选特设推荐人奖,奖金高达3万元!宝贝们将使出浑身解数,我们的MC PQ,Shout Dogg也将为整场竞赛奉上最动感的音乐。赶快加入我们,为你支持的宝贝加油鼓劲!

DJ MATEO (US). In addition to spinning for the hollywood elite at super events such as Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party, and Cannes Film Festival, he is constantly touring the world holding residence in Tokyo, London, Miami, and New York City and now Shanghai. Mateo has been spinning in nightclubs since the age of 15.....he started as a house Dj at the infamous Limelight, which is where he hooked up with then unsigned Fun Lovin Criminals! After a few drinks, and a couple of limelight nights, Mateo became the dj for F.L.C. Switching his style up completely, he now concentrated on cutting and scratching funk, soul, and hip hop.

Mateo 这个响亮的名字,在好莱坞、在奥斯卡颁奖典礼和戛纳电影节舞台上都见他频频露脸,也常年在全世界各个音乐圣地驻场,如东京、伦敦、迈阿密、纽约等地。自15岁第一次触摸DJ转盘指针以来,Mateo在house/funk/soul/hip hop曲风之间游走,每种风格都能挫出一片不一样的声音,让舞池下的人群惊喜。

Entrance + Openbar: Male 120RMB, Female 80RMB After 2am 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm - 4:00am

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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