25 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Brooklyn 2.0, is a monthly real time social networking event with a 'big tent' approach to Web 2.0 for all of us who live in the center of the universe, Brooklyn.

People who attend are bloggers, venture capitalists, web developers, SEO experts, designers, digitail video creators and any with an interest in the Web and likes to hang out and have a beverage with interesting people in a very cool space, The Montauk Club in Park Slope.

Anyone with an interest in or occupation related to Web 2.0 is invited. The focus is more on informal socializing/networking than formal presentations.

There is no charge for admission, Drinks are $7 and the Club does not take credit or debit cards.

Official Website: http://web.meetup.com/54/

Added by Eric Rochow on February 23, 2008