One Amphitheatre Pkwy.
Mountain View, California 94043

Added by danielraffel on April 22, 2007



Looks like you can pickup tickets two days earlier (Thursday 22nd) if you go to ...;year=2007


If you can handle the lawn, you can buy four lawn tickets for $79.


Amen to that. $70 at the that's something I could probably be on board for. The Shoreline is so meh.


I agree Shoreline sucks and $79 too?? Lawn seats are horrible.

I love bjork, but I saw her at the Pier and previously at Oakland's Paramount Theatre - I think I'll skip this one.


That's 4 tickets for $79 total, not $79 each.


Cheap tickets for the lawn totals to about $50 after fees and such.

And you don't have to pay for parking when you buy your tickets. The premium parking is just fluff, only puts you closer to the amphitheater.


I hate the lawn, and swore I would never sit on it again, and then this happened. Ikes.


I ain't hatin' the lawn, I'm just stoked I get to go.


Bring binoculars if you sit on the lawn ... *sigh* the pier 30/32 venue is just so much better than this shoreline ... I really wish that place would burn down or something


I was finally convinced to go when I read that Joanna Newsom would be opening!!! The lawn does suck, but for it seems worth it with the $120 four-pack tickets. I'll just make sure to show up early and hopefully find a place with a reasonable but distant view (and probably bring binoculars).

Daniel Riveong

I really, really, really wish I could of gone...alas, its too late.


eh if anyone wants tickets I got extras, just message me


I'm going hooray! I got seats!! Im going as a loner too!! All by myself!