333 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94102

BiztechDay (http://biztechday.com/) is a one day technology learning bootcamp designed for entrepreneurs and business owners.

This is the place for the business community to learn how to grow their business using the power of the Internet & Web 2.0 technologies from top technology and business experts.

The goal is to make sure everyone walk away with knowledge that can be applied to their business right away.
Here are just a few topics you will learn:
* How to Use Linkedin/Facebook/Yelp to Promote Your Business (+ 20 more websites)
* How to Collect Money Online Using Paypal, Google Checkout & Amazon Payment
* How to Develop Your Own YouTube Video & Podcast to Market Your Business
* How to Setup a High Traffic Business Website & Basics to Search Engine Optimization
* How to Setup a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
* How to Create Your Own Social Network and Build Your Customer Base
* How to Promote Your Event & Get Hundreds of People
* And many more!

Here are some of the speakers:
· George Wright – Vice President of Marketing from Blendtec / Will it Blend YouTube Campaign
· Megan Casey - Editor in Chief from Squidoo.com
· Yaniv Bensadon - CEO from Fixya.com (one of the most popular Tech Support website in the world)
· Stu Carty - Regional Director from Constant Contact
· Nancy Tubbs - CEO from FullCalendar
· Jack Mardack - Director of Marketing from Eventbrite
· Ann Evanston - Managing Director from eWomenNetwork
· Ian Griffin - Pro-Podcaster and President of National Speaker Association, North California
· Pam Strayer - Awarding Winning Journalist and Media Creator
· Nicole Nicolay - Founder of Effektive Solutions
· Christian Perry - Founder of SFbeta
· Patrick Schwerdtfeger - Founder of Tactical Execution
· Vincent Lauria - Founder of Silicon Valley NewTech /VP of Lefora
· Angie Chang – Cofounder of Women 2.0
· Stephan Spencer – Founder of NetConcepts
· Any many more confirming!

Official Website: http://www.biztechday.com

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Yoono will be there.