101 4th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Surround yourself with the smartest entrepreneurs and leaders in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

BizTechDay is a business and technology conference for entrepreneurs who seek to learn inspiring business strategies, practical technology tools, and connect with the smartest people in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area.
Plan ahead and make the most of your BizTechDay 2010 experience.

You will:
LEARN from the best entrepreneurs, business leaders, journalists and investors on Fundraising, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Pricing and Branding strategies and real life stories.
GET UP TO SPEED with the latest technology tools that will make a real difference for your business. There are so many new "must use" tools -how do you know where to start, and what's really worth your time? BizTechDay will help.
CONNECT with the founders and partners of Venture Hacks, Kiva, Mashable, Gymboree, Squidoo, Squared, SmallBizTrends, Infusionsoft, Elance, SimplyHired, Flowtown, Startup Digest, Google, Yahoo!, Andreessen Horowitz, CBS, Women 2.0, Foursquare, Techcrunch and more. Not to mention hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses like you. All in a single day.
BONUS! We want to help you meet at least one person who could somehow, someway, someday change your business. One week before BizTechDay our team will email introduce you to a BizTechDay buddy. Just one person. And one person out there will be introduced to you. You will have a chance to meet your BizTechDay buddy face to face on the morning of the conference. Find each other, chat for a bit, and then bolt over to our Buddy Table and you will each get a FREE copy of the Delivering Happiness book by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos).

Throughout the Day:
Meet inspiring presenting entrepreneurs who will change your business:
Jessica Jackely - Co-founder of Kiva.org and Profounder
Joan Barnes - Founder of Gymboree
Naval Ravikant - Co-author of Venture Hacks and Angel Investor of Twitter
Ben Parr - Editor of Mashable
Megan Casey - Co-founder of Squidoo.com
Dan Martell - Co-Founder of Flowtown
Sue Kwon - Former CBS News Reporter
Clate Mask -Founder of Infusionsoft
Shaherose Charania -Founder of Women 2.0
Gautam Godhwani - Founder of SimplyHired
Fabio Rosati - CEO of Elance
Dave McClure - 500 Hats
Gagan Biyani - Techcrunch / Udemy
Clara Shih - Facebook Era
Bob Upham - Yahoo!
Jason Brooks, KCBS and CBS Moneywatch.com
Luther Lowe, Yelp
Yujin Chung, Andreessen Horowitz
Bob Meese, Google Business Development
And many more to come!
Impactful business topics:
Meet the Titans – How to work with the big boys
New and old ways to fund your business
How to raise money without going to a VC
How to Build the Best Team for your company
How to Build a Global Virtual Team and Get The Job Done Fast
How to Pitch to the Media? Does Traditional Media Still Matter?
It’s not just about the money. Build Capital that Matters.
Why Exit? And How to Make it Happen
Building Passionate Community. The People Business.
Game Mechanics and User Engagement
Crazy about Small Business Market? Learn from the Insiders.
How to Build Your Email Empire
Down to a Tee: Measure Your Marketing Campaign
How to Use Foursquare for Business
Finding your voice on Twitter – Build a Brand on Twitter
Have Your Facebook Cake and Eat it Too.
Revenue Model: What is your plan to make money
During Lunch:
Meet the Press luncheon If you sign up for the full conference, you will get to meet and sit with at least one of these media rockstars
Mercury news
Entrepreneur Magazine
Venture Hacks
Startup Digest
Times Blog
CBS Money Watch / KCSM
Read Write Web
Techcrunch and adding more!
Note: When you register, we will prompt you to select your TOP 3 media lunch buddies. We will do our best to match you up with your top choice.
In the afternoon:
Meet the Investor genius hour where you can find out their investment criteria and introduce your business to them.
Meet the Titan genius hour where you can meet business development contacts from companies such as Yahoo!, Genentech, Chevron, PG&E and many others and understand how you can work with the big boys.
Meet the Government genius hour where you can meet the head of office of small business, head of Small Business Administration (SBA), Chamber of Commerce and many others and understand how local government agencies can help you.

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