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Each year, 1200+ business icons, renowned thought leaders and inspired entrepreneurs get connect, educate and inspire each other over two days with the most practical strategies and innovative tactics on how to best use innovative technologies to start and grow each other businesses.

This year, BizTechDay will be held on October 22 & 23, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency SFO. From learning how to build a strong business brand on Google, Yelp, or Facebook to raising funding for your businesses, you will learn some of the most practical strategies for growing your business. Many of these tools are free and we will demonstrate just how simple they are to implement.

Better still, at our Demo Zone you can roll up your sleeves and experience first hand how user friendly all of these applications are. Then if you still have any pressing questions you can ask our Geniuses personally during our Genius Hour. At BizTechDay we want you to leave not only inspired but fully equipped and confident of the next step!

* How to Build a Strong Brand with Social Media Using Yelp, Linkedin, Facebook and Meetup
* How to Sell to Niche Markets (Women, Baby Boomer, LGBT) Online
* Leverage Mobile Platform to Market Your Business. How iFart became #1 App on iTunes
* How to Identify Sales Leads on Linkedin, Facebook and Yelp
* How to Run Your Business or Nonprofit on the Cheap
* How to Build Partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies
* Funding 2.0 – How to Use Social Media Tools and Raise $40,000 – $300,000 in 30 days
* How to Use Email Marketing Campaign to Build Your Database and Close Sales
* 13 Things Techie Don’t have Time to Tell You About Your Website
* How to Create, Increase and Maintain Quality Traffic to Your Website
* Google for Technophobes: How to Secure Your Number One Spot on Google
* Special Session with Michael Gerber- World’s #1 Small Business guru
* How to Build Your Online Community from Zero to Millions
* Video Entrepreneur: How to Turn Visitors to Customers Using Viral Videos
* How to Raise $5000 – $100,000 for Your Business
* How to Get Media or Blogger Attention for Your Business or Nonprofit
* How to Build a Viral Product or Service that Sells Itself Online
* How to Make Money from Twitter
* How to Convert Your Facebook Fans into Customers
* Org 2.0 – How to Attract More Volunteers, Donors and Supporters to Your Cause Using Social Media

Official Website: http://www.biztechday.com/

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